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1. What is the difference between PVC, PS and PET material for backing cards?

PVC is the most conventional and economic material to make backing cards for rapid diagnostic test. Compared to PVC, PS cause less abrasion to the blade, hence blade can work longer time than cutting PVC, this feature is especially suit for scale production by full automatic machine. PET is resistance to heat, good for making quantitative rapid test kit.

2.Why our backing cards is good for no-backing NC membrane?

The adhesive we use is of very low rheological property, it doesn’t infiltrate in the membrane and pads used on the lateral flow test during the test kit’s shelf life. It has been already widely used among manufacturers who make rapid test with no-backing NC membrane which is cheaper than NC membrane with backings.

3.Why backing cards will curve?

It is because the temperature is not suit for the backing cards. If it is too hot, the backing cards may curve to the lined paper side, if it is too cold, the card may curve to the pvc side. We recommend storage temperature for backing cards is 18°C to 25°C. Our backing card, either it is in sheet or roll format, it can keep good flatness even after oven drying, so it is very good and convenient for making sure fluent automatic production.

On the other hand, If you have special temperature condition in your workshop, we can adjust tension of the materials to make it flat, so to make sure a good components lamination .

4.What is your accuracy of the dimension and pre-cut lining for the backing cards?

The dimension and pre-cut lining tolerance of our backing cards is ±0.35mm.

5.What standard size of backing cards available?

Standards backing cards size for lateral flow rapid test: Length: 300mm Width: 60mm/80mm Thickness: PS: 0.29mm, 0.41mm PVC: 0.30mm, 0.38mm, 0.42mm, 0.50mm Customized size is available, contact us for more information: enquiry@rapidtestmaterials.com

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